Dawn afforded me the greatest opportunity ever, by allowing me to adopt Bouvier. He has, from the moment I picked up his toasty little body, become the love of my life. As I knew he would!!

Dawn went out of her way to guide me through the adoption process, and her words of wisdom have been just what I needed, as I had never bathed a cat before, or cleaned ears etc. as one has to do with a Sphynx.

He loves his bath, and even keeping his nails short is not a problem. Ear cleaning is a bit of a struggle, but he allows me to do it!!
I had a Bengal for over twenty years before getting Bouvier ,and her claws were virtually off limits!!


He is a real sweet little guy with an amazing personality and a huge appetite for ‘Raw’! He is of course very inquisitive, incredibly lively, loves to play and wants to be a part of everything. I keep trying to teach him to fetch, but it is early days yet!!

Full of energy, and I am sure I will be his proud father for many years to come!!

Thank you so much Dawn for allowing me to have Bouvier in my life!!







Dearest Dawn,

I just wanted to thank you for all that you did to make my dream of owning a naked baby come true, and understanding all my fears due to the scam a year earlier.  Sixpents is a wonderfully amazing naked baby and I couldn’t be happier. 
You made the process of adopting her so easy by walking me through the process step by step, and helping me anywhere I got lost.  I know we had some hick ups with the PayPal money, and then the scary few days we had Sixpents, but through it all you were always there to answer my questions and calm my fears.  When the morning came to drive to Fargo, ND to pick up my naked baby from the Airport I can’t explain how nervous and excited I was.  I didn’t sleep much the night before, and was on the road by 5 it felt like it was taking forever, but once I got to see and hold her for the first time I wanted to pinch myself, I so thought I was dreaming. I really loved how you kept me updated continually with her status and location on her way to me, it really helped me relax and let go of my fear and helped my husband a lot.

I would have done just about anything to own a naked baby, but it was my husband who didn’t want me to try again after losing a lot of money the year before, and watching what it did to me. It wasn’t the money lost that got me, but the heart ache of thinking I was finally getting one, and then the realization of not. 

I love how we still stay in touch, to me that is a great sign of a breeder who cares. I know that if I have any questions I can call, e-mail or text, and you are more than willing to help. Being that this is my first naked baby I had a lot of questions that I needed answered, and things I needed to be warned or and walked through, and you were always there to support and guide me.
Egyptian Sphynx are truly an amazing and unique cat. Sixpents is full of energy as she plays with my husband and our two full grown boxers, and yet so gentle with our daughter Charleigh.  As for a smooch, I haven’t meet a cat that cuddles and smooches more than her, she insists on max attention and cuddle time which is perfectly acceptable by me. That is why I love her! I have my days that I just need a cuddle, and she is always there to put a smile on my face and make me feel loved!  It is amazing to see how she has grown and added to our family.
She keeps our dogs, Bandit & Smokie on their toes as she runs and attacks them, playfully, and allows them to chase her back…their own form of cat and mouse.  They don’t sleep all together yet, but they do all her to smooch on them and will lay on the bed together just in their separate spots, which Sixpents is mom’s chest, and the dogs go on either side.
Sixpents totally has it made in our house, especially when it comes to bed time.
At 8pm she goes up to bed with our daughter, and then sleeps with her under her sheets till we go to bed, then joins us for play time and eventually curls up right in between me and my husband usually on his neck and face till he pushes her down to his chest, and then when we get up she goes back to bed with our daughter till she wakes up.  Makes my daughter happy to go to sleep with her and wake up to her there. I know they say cats don’t like outdoors and especially Sphynx, but Sixpents loves the snow. I didn’t think she would run out, but the first time it snowed here in North Dakota I opened the door to let the dogs out, which hate the snow, she took off outside and was chasing snowflakes for a few minutes and then ran back inside and curled up on the heater and anytime it is snowing she tries to go outside to chase the snowflakes. She never goes far, and I don’t normally let her out, but every now and then when she sneaks out through the dogs' legs, she plays in the snow with them. It’s truly the cutest thing to watch.  With all the special care it takes to maintain a healthy naked baby, in the end it all seems worth it.  She does bath time with my daughter, and we cut nails after which is also the same time I cut my daughter’s nails, and then it's lotion time before bed. So it’s like having twins. I would definitely recommend you to anyone who is seriously looking for a naked baby, knowing that they would receive the best treatment and a well raised healthy kitten. My family will forever be thankful for the wonderful addition of our naked baby, Sixpents. 


Vail Family, Minot North Dakota

PS:  I have included some of our favorite pictures of Sixpents. Hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoy her.  


This was her first Halloween
As you can tell she wasn’t happy with her costume lol







I just wanted to send you a quick email to say hi, and tell you Lily is doing great! She is so sweet and always wants to cuddle. She has such a great personality and is enjoying being spoiled! I am so happy I found your site on the Internet, and I am so happy to have Lily! I hate leaving her to even go to work! Lol, sometimes I wonder if I should get her a friend!! I hope all is well with you!







After a tremendous amount of research and speaking with several breeders we decided our newest family member would come from RandazzleMe Sphynx. We have had our baby since November 11th, and I have never regretted my decision. Dawn was very willing to answer my endless list of questions even before we officially decided on our baby. Jonah has been a wonderful addition to our family, he is sleeping on my lap while I type. My vet was impressed with his condition and how well socialized he is when I brought him in for his well visit. I have had several people ask me where he came from, and I do not hesitate to recommend Dawn.






Dawn has given my husband and I the greatest opportunity by adopting out Ribbons to us. Not only is Ribbons a phenomenal cat, her owner (Dawn) is equally fantastic. Dawn was prompt from the beginning, extremely informative, and continues to be exceptionally supportive. I know that I can call her at ANY stage of Ribbons' life with questions or concerns. She gets back to every email, including those with all the silly pictures I take of Ribbons. I will not hesitate to contact Dawn if we decide in the future to get another cat.

Ribbons herself is laid back, well adjusted, playful, inquisitive and full of personality. EVERYTHING a Sphynx should be! She is easy to bathe, clean teeth and ears, and clip nails. We could not have asked for a better cat, or a better breeder.

As an additional note. She has the CLEANEST conditions for her cats of any breeder I have been to (and I have been to several). I didn't notice any smell, and the house was spotless. You can tell she takes pride in what she does for these cats.
Thank you Dawn!