** NOTICE **

Beginning November 18, 2013, I will be joining a very large number of breeders across the U.S. in no longer shipping pets. Due to a change in Department of Agriculture regulations for pet breeders that the USDA itself has interpreted in contradictory ways, it is impossible for most persons who sell pets to know whether it is legal to ship a pet that the buyer has not seen in person. Violations of this rule carry severe penalties. For our safety, ALL sales must take place face to face.

This ruling is going to seriously curtail the choice of those wishing to buy the pet of their choice unless you are willing to travel to your breeder of choice regardless of distance. As written this will also affect service animals being made available to those in need.

While we do understand the need to stop those who don't properly care for their animals, and who knowingly sell kittens and puppies, we already have existing state and federal laws for those issues.

If you would like to help us fight this bad choice of regulation policy, please contact me or your breeder of choice to see what you can do to help. It is YOUR right to be able to buy a cat or kitten from whoever you choose and to pick it up personally or have your cat or kitten shipped to you or to meet your breeder at a mutually agreed upon place to save you travel and expense. However, you only have that right if it remains OUR right to offer those choices.

Thank you,



If you would like to inquire about adopting one (or more) of our cats/kittens, please download and fill out the short questionnaire

and email it as an attachment to randazzlemesphynx@yahoo.com






At this time the following adult cats

are available for adoption.


Barebabies Whipped Cream





NoCoatKitty Toy Shop of RandazzleMe

SIRE:      BuckedNaked Balou
DAME:      Barenall Jasmine of NoCoatKitty





We also have several Singapura kittens
available for adoption.

Please see the Singapura page
for pictures and further details




Please check back frequently for new pictures

and additional info to be posted.


Thank you!



* NOTE *

Our retired breeders are NOT available!
They are all in forever Pet homes





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All Kittens $1200 unless otherwise noted

We accept PayPal, Money Orders from US Postal Service,
and Certified Checks

We blood-type and HCM scan all of our cats. Each kitten comes with a 3 year GENETIC health guarantee, micro-chip, spay or neuter, and all kitten shots.
We do NOT vaccinate for FeLV/FIP, and doing so for your kitten or cat will void said guarantee!

We DO NOT sell breeding cats!

All kittens/cats are sold with a Contract, which must be signed by everyone who wishes to adopt a kitten/cat from us.
Interested persons may view and/or download this Contract here (in .pdf format) or here (in .doc format...if a log-in screen appears, simply click the "Cancel" button). If you are considering adopting a kitten or cat from us, please familiarize yourself with this Contract, and make sure that you can and do agree with ALL of its conditions, before contacting us in regard to an adoption. This Contract, once signed, is a legally binding document, and all conditions stated therein WILL BE enforced (through legal actions if necessary).

We will take a waiting list, but we will not ask for money to hold a kitten from an unborn litter. We do not believe in taking deposits on future breedings that may or may not be what a buyer wants.
However, to reserve a specific available kitten, a $500 deposit is required!
Please remember when making a deposit on an available kitten,
that the deposit will be NON-REFUNDABLE!

We encourage all pet buyers to purchase kittens from catteries that scan for HCM. Please feel free to request a copy of our scans to ensure that we are what we say.

To learn more about HCM please visit

Please DO NOT buy a kitten on impulse. This is a commitment that a pet buyer should not take lightly. We also want to ensure that our kittens/cats go to the best homes possible. Therefore, if you would like to inquire about adopting one (or more) of our cats/kittens, please download and fill out the short questionnaire

and email it as an attachment to randazzlemesphynx@yahoo.com