RandazzleMe Sphynx is located in Westminster Maryland.
I started showing and breeding Sphynx in 2008 with TICA.
You can often find me showing our cats or kittens in TICA shows on the East Coast.  I have made wonderful friends,
and learned so much about our breed.

We scan for HCM with all of our cats and blood type our cats to ensure that we are breeding for the health of this wonderful breed.

To learn more about HCM please visit

In 2011 we were able to adopt a Singapura Alter, Spookinpaws Here Comes Snoopy. We loved him so much with his personality and character, that we were able to get a breeding female from the same wonderful breeder, to start our journey with Singapuras. We adore these active cats and look forward to our new adventure showing and occasionally breeding. I have been lucky enough to find a Singapura mentor with Adriana Kajon, TICA AB judge, who breeds these wonderful cats. I am so very appreciative of the kindness and information that Adriana has provided, as I start my new journey.